5 of the best autumn foodie festivals

22 September, 2016

Want to discover new autumnal baking ideas? This season is one of the greatest for food festivals, where you can hone in on your baking skills, learn new tips and find inspiration on what to serve your customers during the coming months. Across the UK, foodies, chefs and professional bakers will be uniting to appreciate great cuisine, cooking techniques and watch live demonstrations from their favourite TV chefs – helping to further develop their autumn dishes and delicious bakes. At BAKO, we’ve found some of the best food festivals taking place this season that offer a wealth of cooking creativity.

1. Melton Mowbray Food Festival

1st and 2nd October 2016


It wouldn’t be a food festival in Melton Mowbray without trying two of the local specialities – Stilton cheese and, of course, Melton Mowbray pork pies. This festival offers traditional British delicacies alongside international street food, fantastic entertainment provided by local community groups and a food theatre, hosting interesting demonstrations and talks about all things food!

2. Hertford Food and Drink Festival

7th– 9th October 2016


Events are taking place throughout Hertford for their annual food festival, offering an eclectic variety of inspiring cooking-themed activities for both adults and children. From an evening at a brewery to the festival’s exciting food festival trail, the town has something for everyone – not just professional bakers! This event will feature an interesting food swap – a great way to sample someone else’s specialities, alongside workshops and over 20 food stalls located in Hertford Castle.

3. The Chocolate Show, London

14th– 16th October 2016


For bakers, chocolatiers or just those who love this scrumptious sweet, The Chocolate Show at London’s Olympia National Hall is a must-visit foodie event. Based around one of our favourite pieces of confectionary, attendees will enter the mouth-watering world of chocolate, which includes workshops and demonstrations from top chefs and renowned chocolatiers with, of course, plenty of tasting! A chocolate fashion show will provide endless inspiration on how you can use this sweet treat to create astounding decoration, while you can wander around exhibition stands to see more chocolate-related products and treats.

4. The Cake and Bake Show, Manchester

10th – 13th November 2016

Enticing lovers of the Great British Bake Off, at The Cake and Bake Show, taking place at Event City in Manchester, you can expect some of the show’s most popular stars, including last year’s winner Nadiya Hussain, alongside John Whaite and Paul Jagger, plus many more. They’ll be switching the Bake Off tent for the event’s Cake and Bake theatre, whipping up their own recipes to an audience of avid cake creators. At this exciting event you will also have the opportunity to partake in a baking and decorating class, wander around the stalls of heavenly food and enter a cake and bake competition!

5. BBC Good Food Show, Birmingham

24th – 27th November 2016


In November, the hugely popular BBC Good Food Show will be hitting Birmingham for four days of super chef celebs, from Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood to the Hairy Bikers. A book signing will give you the opportunity to meet your favourite cooking stars, while the event’s Supertheatre offers a hub of seasonal food inspiration with fascinating live demonstrations. Demos from Paul Hollywood, James Martin and Nadiya Hussein are taking place on the BBC Good Food Stage, and they’ll even be a magical Christmas-themed demonstration at the Renshaw Academy, where you can improve your festive cake decoration skills! With a fantastic mix of stalls, samples and workshops, this event really is not to be missed for professional bakers!

Will you be attending any of these fantastic autumn food events? If so, why not tell us how they were via Twitter?

Have you mastered Britain’s best regional recipes?

9 September, 2016

Britain is famous for a whole host of local recipes, with many regions laying claim to many of our much-loved classics. Although it’s a well-known fact that nowhere produces Cornish pasties like Cornwall, or can whip up Bakewell tarts like those in Derbyshire, it’s safe to say many of us whole-heartedly enjoy regional recipes wherever we are in the country.

So, how about giving one a go yourself? With local bakeries setting the bar high when it comes to producing these treats, why not put your baking skills to the test this month and see if you can master a few of Britain’s best regional recipes.

Bakewell tart


English traditional Bakewell tart with raspberry jam

A recipe that has evolved over the years, the Bakewell tart is associated with the pretty town of Bakewell, Derbyshire. Traditionally consisting of a sweet shortcrust pastry shell encasing layers of jam, frangipane and flaked almonds, the delicious dessert also has a number of variants, such as the Cherry Bakewell. We love this quintessentially British Bakewell tart recipe by Mary Berry, but if you’d like to give yours a modern twist, try experimenting with unusual shapes or jam flavours for an original take on the classic recipe.

Cornish pasty


Cornish pasty

Always a firm favourite, the hearty Cornish pasty is made up of a juicy beef, onion and vegetable filling wrapped up in flaky and golden shortcrust pastry. However, this bake is not only famous for its indulgent filling, but also for its iconic crescent shape and crimped edge. A perfect bake to rustle up this autumn, this Cornish pasty recipe will definitely keep your customers coming back for more.

Eccles cakes


Eccles cake is a small round pastry filled with currants originating from the town of Eccles in Northern England

Named after Mancunian town, Eccles, the sticky, sweet Eccles cake is packed with spiced currants and boasts a sugar laden puff pastry shell. This moreish Eccles cake variant also adds the zest of an orange to give extra hints of fruitiness, marrying perfectly with the buttery flaky pastry. Serve fresh with a cup of tea and a slice of cheddar cheese.

Yorkshire parkin


Traditional Yorkshire Parkin for Bonfire Night pm wooden chopping board with red and white striped background signifying home baking and nutrition

Traditionally served over Bonfire Night, Yorkshire parkin is a sticky oatmeal based cake that boasts all our favourite autumnal flavours. Since the stickier the parkin is, the better, this cake is best made with a heavenly mix of black treacle, golden syrup and dark brown sugar, spiced with ground ginger. We’ve opted for a traditional oatmeal parkin recipe, however you could put your own spin on this northern delicacy by adding a fruity kick of apple or dates.

Welsh cakes


Welsh cakes a traditional griddle cake made with flour and dried fruit then baked on a griddle

Originating from Wales, these flat, disc shaped cakes usually have a crisp outside and a soft, crumbly centre. Baked on a griddle, these little cakes are flavoured with dried fruit, mixed spices and have a similar consistency to scones. Once baked, sprinkle your Welsh cakes with sugar and serve warm.

What’s your favourite regional recipe? Let us know via Twitter!

5 of the best filo pastry recipes you need to try

26 August, 2016

One of the most delicate and versatile pastries to work with, filo pastry serves as a lighter alternative to the hearty shortcrust-based recipes we favour in winter months. Widely used in both sweet and savoury dishes, the paper-thin sheets of translucent dough derive from the Ottoman Empire and are still popular in Greek, Middle Eastern and Eastern European cuisines. With this delicious flaky pastry being perfect for a whole host of refreshing, Mediterranean dishes, we’ve picked out five of the best filo pastry recipes you need to try this summer!

1. Chicken, manchego and chorizo briouats


Chicken, manchego and chorizo briouats

If you’re looking to upgrade your bakery’s snack selection this August, these briouats are a fantastic choice. The flaky filo parcels are a Spanish twist on the traditional Moroccan briouat, incorporating all our favourite Mediterranean flavours for a super summery option. Stuff your parcels with juicy chorizo, succulent chicken and rich manchego cheese for a taste sensation that’s sure to keep your customers coming back for more.

2. Ham and leek filo quiche


Ham & leek quiche

For a healthier alternative to the classic quiche, swapping your shortcrust base for filo pastry is an easy way to cut the calories of your dish. After carefully draping the thin filo layers into a well-oiled pan, bake the case in the oven for 3-5 minutes before pouring in the rich filling of smoked ham, leek and broccoli for a mouth-watering quiche.

Don’t think serving a whole filo quiche will work for your customers? Try whipping up this treat in individual portions for a great grab-and-go lunch option.

3. Goat’s cheese filo pizza


Filo goats cheese pizza

Another way to quickly cut the calories of one of the nation’s most popular meals, filo pastry makes a great alternative to stodgy pizza dough. Best paired with Mediterranean flavours such as grilled vegetables, sundried tomatoes and olives, we love this sharp and tangy goat’s cheese version with onion and mozzarella. Serve your pizza by the slice for a healthy snack bursting with flavour.

4. Baklava cheesecake


Baklava Cheesecake

A brilliant mash-up of two of our favourite desserts, this cheesecake baklava hybrid is one sweet treat you have to try. This rich and creamy cheesecake has honey infused Greek yoghurt whipped into its cream cheese batter, as well as chopped walnuts, cinnamon and vanilla extract. Encase in a crisp filo pastry shell, bake, then serve with cinnamon-honey syrup and a sprinkling of walnuts.

5. Filo pastry apple pie


Filo Pastry Apple Pie

A healthier alternative to its puff pastry kin, filo pastry apple pie is a great way to enjoy a sugary treat with half the guilt. Boasting a golden, flaky exterior with a juicy centre bursting with apple and cinnamon flavours, this sweet snack is easily cut up into handy individual portions. Throw in a handful of walnuts for extra crunch or serve with cream or custard for a heartier dessert.

What are your favourite filo pastry recipes? Share them with us via Twitter!

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