Unusual pie fillings that’ll tempt your customers this winter!

15 November, 2016

It’s no surprise that during the darker seasons, the popularity of warm, filling and hearty foods soar, as customers desire a meal that’ll stack up against the cold and warm their stomachs. A traditional food at this time of year, alongside dishes such as casseroles and homemade stews, are pies.

Bursting with a satisfying filling and encased in crispy puff pastry, pies can be served on their own as a delicious snack or alongside their popular counterparts: mash and gravy. The simplicity of its outer ingredients means that as bakers, you can experiment with a pie’s filling without really going wrong, and come up with a unique dish that your customers will love.

We’ve found a number of unusual pie fillings to give you inspiration; ones that offer a great alternative to the loveable classics.

Bacon, egg and mushroom




Who says you can’t have pie for breakfast? Being acknowledged as the most important meal of the day, ensuring your customers are satisfied for what lies ahead at breakfast means you’re guaranteed to remain in their good books. A bacon, egg and mushroom pie filling brings all your breakfast favourites together, flowing out of a light pastry. Sautéed mushrooms keep the pie moist, while smoked bacon adds that all too familiar breakfast flavour, coupled with fresh eggs. This tasty pie makes a great grab-and-go snack.

Chicken, chorizo and cider



Chicken pie is nothing new, but why not laden your filling with even more chunky foods? Slices of fresh chorizo will add a kick to your filling, while marinating your chicken in cider beforehand creates sweet aromas and taste. With strong flavours, this filling is perfect when creating mini pot pies, and should be served with a delicious side dish.

Roast vegetable and houmous


Roast vegetable and houmous

Cost effective yet just as delicious, roast vegetable and houmous is a satisfying filling that combines smooth chickpea with chunky courgettes, peppers and other roasted vegetables, producing a healthier pie alternative. Flaky puff pastry complements the soft filling perfectly, while thin sweet potato slices enhance the flavour with underlying sweetness. Serve by the slice!

Sausage, apple and leek


Sausage, apple and leek

You’ve probably baked an apple pie, but what about creating a savoury delight with Cumberland sausages and thin slices of fresh apple? Caramelised apples provide a soft, sweet base, while pieces of herb-infused sausages on top turn this treat into a satisfying, hearty dish with so much taste! Serve with cheesy mash for the ultimate finish. Creamy, filling and crispy – what’s not to love?

Tequila and orange flavour liqueur with cream



The tequila and orange-flavour liqueur filling creates a tangy Margherita pie – an unusual dessert option. Okay, we admit, it might not be a proper pie, what with its cracker crumb base and cream topping with hints of tequila, but it really does make a great dessert. Refreshingly intense with lime and orange liqueur, Margarita pie is a light yet flavoursome dessert – and tastes great following a hearty main.

With the days getting colder and nights darker, a warm, nourishing pie is just what your customers need. If you’ve had pie-making success recently, why not send us your images via Twitter?

4 beautiful winter wedding cake designs to inspire your customers

10 November, 2016

Forget brightly coloured bouquets and long summer nights, this season’s weddings boast frosty mornings, candle-lit wedding breakfasts and deep, rich colours. And the best part? The cake of course! (Not that we’re biased!)

Winter weddings certainly provide plenty of opportunities to get creative with your designs, and no matter if you’re crafting crisp, white icing, indulgent flavours or even something with a little sparkle, your traditional centrepiece is sure to be a showstopper.

To spark a few new winter cake design ideas, here are four breath-taking winter wedding cake styles we think are perfect for this season.

1. The traditional wedding cake


The traditional wedding cake

There’s no better time of year to opt for simple elegance. Spread and smooth crisp, white frosting over a classic fruit cake and marzipan base, creating clean lines with a little texture around the edges. Then, contrast the stark white icing with vibrant red berries, thistles and frosted pine cones to complete the seasonal look.

Want to add a little something extra? Lightly dust with white glitter to add a subtle sparkle to your cake.

2. The city wedding cake


The city wedding cake

If you’re looking to add a little drama to your cake, try defining each layer by decorating them with different textured effects for maximum impact. Use a neutral colour palette to create a chic, elegant finish, while styling each layer to contrast the next.

Build up the base layer of icing ruffles by using white ready-to-roll icing and crimping each strip using a sugar craft tool. Cover two layers of cake in edible glitter crystals and create contrasting icing effects on the final two layers by manipulating the buttercream.

3. The relaxed wedding cake


The relaxed wedding cake

Sometimes, the best wedding cakes are all about flavour, and when it comes to flavour, it doesn’t get much better than chocolate! A brilliant way to show off this fantastic ingredient, this cake layers up dark, milk and white chocolate, using their natural colours to create a clever ombré effect. So simple yet so effective, surround your cake with festive sprigs of holly to finish. Planning a hearty wedding breakfast? Why not serve up this delicious wedding treat as your dessert as well?

4. The country wedding cake


The country wedding cake

Perfect for couples planning a rustic, country wedding, this winter delight provides a great alternative to the floral naked cakes created for summer ceremonies. Cover your cake in white frosting, then create a woodgrain effect to give the impression of tree bark. Finish with a love heart etched into the icing and finish by serving on a log cake stand.

What are the best winter wedding cake designs you’ve come across? Let us know via Twitter!

Bakes with a bang: 6 must-try treats to make this Bonfire Night!

31 October, 2016

Bonfire Night is the perfect excuse to add a bit of a bang to your baking, and a great opportunity to really embrace autumnal flavours. The truth is that the 5th November is already strongly associated with a number of tastes, and each year is just another excuse to whip up traditional Bonfire Night goodies that your customers will enjoy, time and time again. From classic Bonfire Night recipes that bring home the smells and tastes of this special day, to traditional bakes with an added twist, we’ve found several fantastic treats that will get you thinking all about roaring bonfires, dazzling firework displays and of course, that great-tasting, Bonfire Night food.

1. Sticky Yorkshire Parkin


Sticky Yorkshire Parkin

Probably the bake most affiliated with Bonfire Night, Yorkshire Parkin is a delicious sponge cake with a gentle kick of spice and ginger. This subtle, tangy cake has been given its unique stickiness from treacle and golden syrup, making it an indulgent bake with a bang! This recipe creates a delightful pomegranate compote to serve alongside your Yorkshire Parkin. How lovely!

2. Treacle pecan tarts


Treacle pecan tarts

Treacle is big during this time of year. This dark, sweet and sticky treat isn’t just found in the bags of trick or treaters or dished out as broken pieces of heaven. Adding this sticky treat into your baking can turn a classic cake into a Bonfire Night delight, like it has with this tempting treacle pecan tart. Serve to your customers by the slice with a side of vanilla ice cream or clotted cream.

3. Roasted treacle toffee bananas


Toffee bananas

We all know apples are the staple Bonfire Night fruit to coat in sugar and indulge in, but who says we can’t opt for bananas as an unusual alternative? These are the sophisticated toffee-coated treat that will amaze your customers. Roasting them on a BBQ gives a distinct treacle taste with the banana’s familiar soft texture; sell as a takeaway snack wrapped in foil to lock in the oozing brown-sugary centre. Yum!

4. Bourbon butterscotch toffee apples


Bourbon butterscotch toffee apples

If you want a treat that’s truly indulgent, then look no further than these rich bourbon butterscotch toffee apples, and, the best thing is that they’re really easy to make! Mix whisky or bourbon, golden syrup, butter, sugar and double cream for your apple’s divine, flavoursome and scrumptious coating. A crunchy yet exquisite treat for adults, what’s not to like?

5. Banoffee s’mores


Banoffee s’mores

To diversify your offering, why not incorporate one of Bonfire Night’s most favoured traditions into a bake? Alongside roasted marshmallows, a treat traditionally enjoyed around a fire are s’mores. Usually, these sweet snacks consist of soft marshmallow sandwiched between two pieces of cracker and chocolate. Taking inspiration from this American-style treat, why not make these mouth-watering banoffee s’mores? Swap the crackers for soft oat biscuits, place marshmallows on top, drizzle toffee sauce over and top with banana. Serve warm for added deliciousness.

6. Catherine wheel cookies


Catherine wheel cookies

For bakes that will catch your customers’ attention, these Catherine wheel-inspired biscuits will do exactly that. Using classic biscuit dough cut into circles, the hardest part is decorating these sweet snacks with colourful icing spirals. Why not experiment with a variety of icing colours on each biscuit or add food colouring to the mixture for added brightness?

Are you whipping up a Bonfire Night bake for your customers? If so, send us images via Twitter!

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