Our favourite showstoppers from this year’s Great British Bake Off

8 October, 2015

With this year’s series of The Great British Bake Off coming to an end, we thought we’d pay homage to one of our favourite baking contests by reminiscing about our favourite showstoppers from the series. From incredible bread sculptures and delicate pastries to jaw-dropping cakes and chocolate masterpieces, this year’s contestants produced some of the most creative bakes yet. So, without further ado, here are our top picks from the 2015 showstopper challenges.

Paul’s King of the Jungle

One of the most sensational bakes this year has to be Paul’s lion crafted entirely out of bread. Featuring in the third episode of the series, this masterpiece was not only created from different types of bread but was also baked to perfection, a feat that won him a special accolade from the judges.

Ian’s Victoria Crown

Victorian Week called for the bakers to produce the technically difficult Charlotte Russe, a dessert with a custard or fruit filling encased in sponge ladyfingers. Ian whipped up a structural wonder this week, pulling off a Victorian crown atop his classic pudding which really gave it the wow factor!

Matt’s Gingerbread Fire Engine

If you can cast your minds back to Biscuit Week, you may remember Matt’s delicious gingerbread fire engine. Casting a nod to his own profession, Matt created a structurally sound and attractive biscuit showstopper that carried him straight through to week three.

Nadiya’s Chocolate Peacock

The semi finals were bound to see the four remaining bakers step up their game and Nadiya didn’t disappoint! For the chocolate centrepieces challenge, Nadiya sculpted a blue chocolate peacock with handmade individual peacock feathers and a Krispies based centre. With chocolate being a particularly difficult ingredient to work with, judges Marry Berry and Paul Hollywood were highly impressed with Nadyia’s extraordinary creation.

Tamal’s Mango, Hazelnut and Rosemary Cheesecake

Tamal’s three tiered baked cheesecake was a triumph of Dessert Week with his experimental flavour combination proving a hit with the judges. The unusual mix of mango, hazelnut and rosemary cast a shadow of doubt to whether the dessert would be successful, however the beautiful balance of flavours made this showstopper one of the highlights of the series.

Ian’s Chocolate Well

Who could forget Ian’s fully functioning chocolate well? Ian’s outstanding chocolate engineering saw him through to this year’s final, with the structure actually lowering a bucket to scoop up the white chocolate below. Despite not ticking all the boxes for the judges, we loved this innovative chocolate centrepiece.

The showstopping final 2015

This year’s Great British Bake Off final was without a doubt one of the best ever, with all three finalists producing impeccable bakes. Mary and Paul highlighted that they’d never had better tasting showstoppers in a Bake Off final, so we thought all three of their mouth-watering classic cakes deserved to make our list.
Tamal’s original take on the traditional sticky toffee pudding resulted in an incredible ‘Caramel Sticky Toffee Cake’ which was decorated with spectacular spun sugar cobwebs. Using a fruit cake base, Tamal’s innovative concoction of flavours once again won him high praise from the judges.
Ian whipped up a five tired ‘Colossal Carrot Cake’ which was also well received due to his innovative decoration and delicious flavours. Adding a hint of orange to his classic carrot cake mixture, Paul even claimed that it was the best carrot cake he’d ever eaten.
Finally, this year’s winner Nadiya pulled out all the stops to create her very own lemon drizzle wedding cake, encased in a buttercream and marshmallow royal icing. Her sensational flavours and professional, smooth finish meant her ‘My Big Fat British Wedding Cake’ saw her crowned the 2015 Great British Bake Off champion. Well done Nadiya!


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