Five tasty treats to make with caramel

4 February, 2013

There’s something about the glossy golden hue of caramel that seems to add a touch of luxury to all types of baked treats, making them even more tantalising for the tempted consumer.

caramel icing 1

Despite this, caramel can be a fairly under-used ingredient, with many bakers and chefs sticking to the same tried and tested recipes, like millionaire’s shortbread and caramel sponge pudding. To celebrate the launch of Renshaw’s new professional quality caramel icing, made using their own real caramel, this week we’re inspiring the nation’s bakers to uncover the true versatility of caramel.

Caramel walnut bundt cake

Combining fondant icing with gooey caramel for a smooth, fudgy texture, Renshaw’s new icing topped with a few decorative walnuts is a simple yet effective way to give a professional finish to a traditional bundt cake. What’s more, as a special introductory offer, you’ll also save £5 on every 12.5kg order of the indulgent icing this month from BAKO.

Chocolate and caramel Opera patisserie

Caramel is a key ingredient in many upmarket patisserie recipes, adding an attractive shine to fine pastry work, including the multi-layered French ‘Opera’ cake, and complementing intense dark chocolate flavours particularly well.

caramel icing 3 caramel icing 2 caramel icing 4

Caramel glazed doughnuts

Thanks to the clean cut of Renshaw’s new caramel icing from BAKO, it is the perfect product for enrobing baked treats, easily creating an even, silky coating on tasty snacks such as Doughnuts.

Pecan pie

Pecan pie is an absolute classic, marrying the sweetness of caramel with the deep nutty flavour of pecan, for a dish that’s equally at home as a sit down dessert or takeaway treat.

Profiteroles in caramel sauce

Caramel is a great way of putting a different spin on a profiterole dish to keep the menu interesting. Try experimenting with different cream filling flavours, from banana to coffee, to create a unique dessert to draw in customers.

Bakers, chefs and caterers, we’d love to hear from you; what other fantastic creations do you love cooking up using caramel?

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