Christmas catering with BAKO

8 December, 2014

As December begins, it’s time to start preparing for one of the busiest times of the year and one of the most important menus.

Many bakers, chefs and caterers alike will be catering for large groups of people and whether it be at Christmas parties or family buffets, preparations must begin early. From traditional treats to twists on the classics, BAKO have come up with some delicious Christmas party food ideas for you to serve.

Christmas Canapés

Party sized pies and pastries always go down well, but why not try an alternative Christmas twist by creating miniature turkey and stuffing pies or mini beef wellingtons? Served on a cheese board platter with a seasonal cranberry chutney, these are the ideal savoury treat for sharing. For those who don’t have time to create the pastry themselves, BAKO stock a variety of ready-made pre-rolled pastry.


Impressive selections of canapés are a traditional way to impress a large group of people, and as the portions are smaller, they can afford to be all the more indulgent with rich food pairings. Pigs in blankets are not only delicious served with a turkey dinner but also as a tasty canapé when served alongside a sticky cranberry dipping sauce. Or try creating devils on horseback by wrapping a cherry in smoky bacon and grilling. The contrast of sweet and smoky flavours is sure to be a hit.

Party Cocktail Sausages

Vol au vents are a classic canapé as their crisp buttery puff pastry case can hold a variety of fillings. Shredded turkey breast with fragrant sausage and sage stuffing would be a tempting filling for a Christmas option. Or warm melted camembert with a cranberry jam and topped with a crunchy walnut would make a truly delicious vol au vent that could be enjoyed by all customers including vegetarians.

Vol au vents

BAKO’s pre rolled puff pastry is perfect for those preparing vol au vents with less time on their hands and our sandwich fillings are ideal for the centre. How about coronation chicken or prawn in marie rose sauce?

Sandwiches and sliced meats

Sandwiches are a popular choice when serving groups as there tends to be a filling to suit everyone’s taste. Turkey and cranberry sauce sandwiches are typical this time of year and a great way to use up left-over turkey.


For those who have had enough of turkey to last them until next year, BAKO offer a variety of flavours from the classics, such as egg mayonnaise and chicken tikka, to more exciting flavours like red Thai chicken or chilli beef. Or if you wanted to serve something different, a platter of sliced meats can prove popular alongside some crusty rolls, so guests can help themselves.


BAKO’s Buffet classics

As Christmas can be a chaotic time, BAKO have a range of ready-made options perfect for a classic buffet selection. Stocking everything from sausage rolls and pork pies to samosas and tomato and cheese swirls.

b2 Spring Rolls etc

If baking is proving too time consuming over the busy period, BAKO stock a range of ready-made sweet miniature bites too, from brownies and flapjacks to rocky road.

Bite sized treats

So that everyone can still enjoy the classics but not feel overpowered by their rich flavours, try serving some of your indulgent bakes in bite-size versions. Miniature Christmas puddings served hot or cold are a great idea; why not serving them with a brandy butter dip for a touch of luxury? Or for those that don’t like Christmas pudding flavours, what about pudding themed chocolate cupcakes?

Christmas cupcakes

Mince pies are a must at this time of year and can also be served full size or as miniatures. BAKO’s Own Label mincemeat has a sweet and fruity flavour made with raisins, currants, apple and mixed peel, great for your Christmas mince pies. Served with cream, warm custard or brandy butter, they’re hard to resist.

If you’ve got some Christmas catering ideas, we’d love to hear about them on Twitter.

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