BAKO’s Food predictions for 2015

17 December, 2014

BAKO’s Food predictions for 2015

Every year the catering world is hit with lots of new flavours and food trends. With members of the food industry always in fierce competition with one another, it’s vitally important for businesses to keep up with their customers’ new acquired tastes. For some it may just mean the reinvention of a classic or it may be a completely new innovative creation.

2014 saw a surge in indulgent hot dogs and burger flavours, gentlemen’s afternoon teas and cakes that didn’t look like cakes, but what will 2015 have in store for bakers and chefs?

The team at BAKO have taken a look at some of the hot new food trends that are on the rise and below we share our predictions for what’s set to appear on menus in 2015.

Comfort food canapés

As 2015 is set to promote the idea of casual grazing, (eating more often, but in smaller portions) comfort food canapés are set to be a hit. Think miniature versions of the classics; all your favourite indulgent foods just in smaller bite size versions. Mini tacos, bite size burgers, mini mac and cheese or, for those with a sweeter tooth, cheesecake pots, whoopee pies and mini doughnuts. Big flavours, small portions.

three asian pork tacos iStock_000028771630_Small

Savoury ice creams

Savoury ice cream flavours began to prove popular late this year across the US, however this unusual trend is set to stir up a storm across the UK in 2015. This new trend introduces all your favourite savoury flavours to the chilled desert. Think blue cheese, ale and cream cracker flavours. Some of the most popular ones in America so far have been the chorizo and caramel combination and goats cheese and habanero peppers.

Savoury Waffles

Breakfast is no longer just a morning meal and is being eaten at any time of the day. Savoury waffles and waffle sandwiches are set to be popular throughout the New Year. How about replacing the traditional breakfast muffin in eggs benedict with a waffle? Whether you’re sandwiching something between them or adding the flavours to the batter, they’re going to prove a hit. A smoked salmon and cream cheese waffle sandwich would make an interesting addition to a brunch menu, or how about spinach, mushroom and cheese baked waffles for a lunch time treat?

Waffles and fried egg on plate, isolated on white background.

Smoked flavours

Demand for smoked flavours is already on the rise in restaurants and supermarkets, but by 2015 expect to see everything from smoked cheese and chocolate, to butter, vegetables and even cocktails. Due to the ease of the technique of smoking, almost any food can be smoked which means the possibilities for this trend in the New Year are endless.


Bacon is going to be making a regular appearance in 2015 with its flavour being infused into everything from whiskey and cocktails to gourmet chocolate bars. If you’re thinking of making a statement in 2015 then you should make it with bacon.


Are you ready to get back into the kitchen this January to try out these new and unusual trends? Stock up on all the professional quality baking ingredients you’ll need to get started from BAKO, and don’t forget to show us your creations on Twitter.

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