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5 magical Christmas biscuit designs to wow your customers

22 December, 2016

Christmas may be just around the corner but there’s still time to whip up a few festive treats for your customers! If you’re struggling for inspiration this season, we’ve picked out our favourite Christmas biscuit designs that are sure to impress. From impeccable icing to ingenious stacking, here are five festive designs to try out this season.

1. Stacked Christmas trees biscuits

Stacked Christmas trees

A clever way to present your biscuits over the festive period, these vanilla and almond flavoured biscuits have been brilliantly stacked into fun Christmas trees. Simply cut your biscuits into three different sizes and stack using a vibrant green frosting. Finish with silver balls and gold star cake decorations to complete the festive effect!

2. Snowmen cookies


A design which will require a little more patience, these wonderful snowman cookies are sure to be a popular choice this Christmas! Roll out white sugar paste and cut out circles the same size as your cookies. Next, roll out blue sugar paste and cut out circles using the same cutter, then cut them in half using a sharp knife. Assemble your cookies by layering the icing on top of the biscuits, then add the finishing touches using black royal icing for the eyes and mouth!

3. Christmas jumper biscuits

Christmas jumpers

Since Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a few weird and wonderful Christmas jumpers, why not whip up an edible range for your customers? After cutting out your biscuits using a jumper-shaped cookie cutter, use a flood and fill technique to ice your biscuits. Once you’ve got your colourful base layer of icing, you can then create your own Christmas jumper designs! Whether you want to keep it simple or show off your piping skills, you can’t help but love these quirky cookies.

4. Iced snowflake biscuits


Fancy putting your piping skills to the test? If you really want to impress this Christmas, these stunning snowflakes certainly require a steady hand. This classic biscuit design is best achieved using white royal icing of a mix of consistencies, and you’ll probably want a few trial runs before you get going! Opt for designs which can be achieved using a continuous hand motion, allowing you to apply a constant pressure to the piping bag. Once you’re happy with the design, add edible silver balls to complete the effect!

5. Assorted edible decorations

Edible decorations

Who doesn’t like to add a few edible decorations to their Christmas tree? This fantastic assortment of iced gingerbread biscuits may take a while to produce by hand, but the final result will definitely be worth the wait! From pretty snowflakes and cute baubles to fun stockings and festive snowmen, the options of what you can create are endless! Why not decorate each batch in similar colours so your customers can choose ones that match their tree?

Have you baked any brilliant festive biscuits this season? Show us your Christmas designs via Twitter!

5 ingenious Boxing Day bakes to make with your Christmas leftovers!

21 December, 2016

Christmas is a time to indulge. From rich Christmas pudding to salacious pigs in blankets; soft panettone to crunchy, buttery vegetables, the Christmas Day feast is unmistakably the highlight of the festive season – forget the gifts!

However, despite how delicious the food tastes (because it always tastes so good), you can guarantee that there will be leftovers. After all the excitement of Christmas Day, Boxing Day brings with it a time of relaxing and enjoying the festivities, and so it’s the perfect day to reinvent some Christmas classics using leftover ingredients.

Spending less time baking things from scratch doesn’t mean the dishes you concoct won’t taste as good. In fact, we think some foods taste even better the next day!

To help you serve some of the best Christmas classics – using leftovers, we’ve found several fantastic recipes, giving you mouth-watering food that your customers (or guests!) will enjoy.


1. Boxing Day soup



Aptly named after 26th December, Boxing Day soup includes all your favourite vegetable leftovers. Whatever you have, whether its carrots, sprouts, parsnips or squash, add them in, alongside turkey and stock. Taking just 35-minutes and with more ingredients for extra flavour, you’ll have a delicious, warming soup in no time. Serve with crusty sliced bread.


2. Christmas pudding ice cream



Creamy, rich and Christmassy. If you happen to be left with Christmas pudding after all the festivities have finished, we would certainly recommend turning it into delightful ice cream. Simply mix together custard and whipped cream, before stirring in crumbled Christmas pudding. Then, freeze, until you have the perfect consistency. Why not add in liquor to create your own rum and raisin ice cream?


3. Succulent turkey casserole



Turkey recipes are ten a penny, but this one-pot turkey casserole is really simple to make and provides a comforting winter dish with so many flavours. Leftover vegetables recommended include roast potatoes, parsnips and carrots, which are stirred into mustard, honey and stock, accompanied by shredded turkey.


4. Nutella and panettone bread pudding



Panettone, the Italian Christmas bread loaf, is deliciously sweet, filled with currants, fruit and, in some cases, chocolate. If you do happen to have some of this soft bake left, why not turn it into an even more extravagant, heavenly dessert? To create this chocolate haven, break your panettone into big chunks and place into a greased oven dish. Drop in scoops of Nutella, and cover with gently whisked eggs, sugar, milk and cream. Then, bake!


5. Bubble and squeak covered shepherd’s pie



Bubble and squeak is a firm favourite across the country. Lightly frying your leftovers will create a firm, delicious savoury cake, to eat for breakfast, lunch or tea. But, have you ever experimented with this tasty snack before? Well, now you can! Why not make a shepherd’s pie and replace the mashed potato on top with bubble and squeak? This provides a crunchy and flavour-filled topping – all the while making full use of your leftovers!

What ways have you re-used your leftovers? We want to know! Tweet us with your handy tips and Christmas creations!

5 modern twists on our favourite Christmas classics

21 December, 2016

It’s fair to say some of our classic Christmas recipes are certainly some of the best. From delicately spiced mince pies and crumbly panettone to rich yule logs, our festive dishes are one of the reasons so many of us look forward to the festive season.

However, if you fancy doing something a little different this year, why not give a few of our favourite festive classics a modern twist? From delicious baked mashups to wonderful reinventions, here are five modern interpretations of our favourite Christmas treats that will certainly get your customers talking!

1. Viennese whirl mince pies


Viennese whirl mince pies

A delicious mashup of two of our much-loved sweet treats, why not try topping this classic festive snack with a Viennese whirl this year? Wonderfully soft and crumbly, Viennese whirls are made with very soft butter and icing sugar to create that delicious melt-in-the-mouth texture. Swap your usual sweet shortcrust pastry mince pie lid for a Viennese whirl biscuit and serve!

2. Gluten-free yule log


Gluten free yule log

If you’re looking to cater for a wider range of customers this Christmas, this gluten-free yule log is a great option. Swapping the traditional chocolate sponge for a rich, chocolate meringue, this quirky interpretation of the yule log contains a creamy chocolate filling and is decorated with a few sprigs of chocolate holly – what’s not to love?

3. Coffee and maple panettone


Coffee and maple panettone

Why not trade your traditional, zesty panettone for something a little more modern this Christmas? Combine coffee essence, maple syrup and vanilla for a rich, flavoursome panettone which is sure to be a crowd pleaser! Top with sugar crystals and serve with a generous helping of vanilla custard.

4. Gingerbread layer cake


Gingerbread layer cake

If classic Christmas cake isn’t popular with your customers, gingerbread layer cake with maple icing is a brilliant seasonal alternative. Spice the rich, treacle sponges with cinnamon, ginger, all spice and nutmeg, as well as throwing in the zest of a lemon. Once the sponges are baked, cover with the delicious maple and cream cheese icing, then finish with desiccated coconut and gingerbread decorations.

Want to decorate your cake with your own gingerbread decorations? Check out our top tips for making a spectacular gingerbread house.

5. Malteser Christmas pudding


Malteser Christmas pudding

Not matter if traditional Christmas pudding isn’t your cup of tea, or you didn’t get around to making one this year, this Malteser chocolate cake Christmas pudding alternative is a great swap. Bake your usual chocolate cake, separate the layers with vanilla buttercream and shape into a dome. Coat your cake in a dark chocolate ganache, then cover entirely in Maltesers and finish with white chocolate to complete the effect!

Will you be making any modern Christmas treats this year? Let us know via Twitter!