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Celebrating National Pretzel Day

27 April, 2016

Most commonly known for its unusual shape and ‘skin’, the pretzel has been a popular on-the-go snack for a number of years. Although recognised for its traditional recipe, the pretzel has become popular amongst foodies and has been given a modern makeover on many street food inspired menus. With this in mind and National Pretzel Day being celebrated this week, we thought we’d share some inspiration for how you can add the pretzel to your menu!

Savoury pretzels

Burger pretzel and savoury pretzel

Although traditionally known as a savoury snack the pretzel has been taken to the next level by recreating it as a bun, perfect to house the burgers on your menu. Rich and dark brown in colour with the signature skin this perfectly puffed, salty and chewy roll is the ideal accompaniment to a juicy burger. Try swapping your brioche bun for a pretzel one this month.

Stuffed pizza crusts have become extremely popular on many a menu, but why not make it the star of the show by creating stuffed pizza pretzels? A hot, salty pretzel stuffed with pizza toppings and baked with a topping of gooey cheese is sure to prove a hit on any menu. We think this would be the ideal treat to serve as a hot grab-and-go lunch for those busy customers of yours.

pizza pretzel

Sweet pretzels

Soft or hard, sweet or savoury, the pretzel debate is an ongoing one. Though with this in mind we don’t think your customers would be able to resist the temptation of half and half. A packet of crispy salted pretzels half dipped in chocolate is definitely the superior option to a packet of crisps to accompany your customer’s meal deal.

Sweet pretzels

Or why not swap the traditional pain au chocolat on your breakfast menu for a soft chocolate covered pretzel?

Sprinkles and yoghurt pretzels

We even think pretzels could be the perfect little treat for your little customers. Coating them in chocolate and hundreds and thousands is bound to keep a smile on your younger customer’s faces. For a healthier alternative or as a lunchbox filler try coating them in yoghurt.

Help us settle the debate on Twitter and let us know what your favourite pretzel is, sweet or savoury?

Bakes fit for a Queen!

19 April, 2016

This Thursday marks the celebrations of the Queens official 90th Birthday and what better way to celebrate than with cake?

With Great British Bake Off champion Nadiya Hussain tasked with baking the official 90th Birthday cake, it’s been revealed she’ll be serving up an orange drizzle with orange curd and orange buttercream. We don’t know about you but all the BAKO NW team can’t wait to see the finished cake.

With this in mind, we thought we’d take a look at some bakes that could make a royal appearance on your menus to celebrate.

Queen of hearts jam tarts

Jam tarts are a quintessential British teatime treat, so what better to take pride of place on your afternoon tea stands this week than a Queen of hearts jam tart? Whether you opt for a large jam tart or individual bitesize ones, don’t forget to top with crisp short crust pastry hearts. Why not experiment with different assorted fruit jams and curds?


Traditional Victoria sponge

A much loved English favourite, you can’t beat a traditional Victoria sponge. Perfect for any occasion, turn this bake into a real showpiece on your counter and layer it multiple tiers high. Sandwiched with fresh cream and adorned with fresh strawberries this age old classic is sure to tempt your customers for years to come.

What could be better to decorate this bake than some British bunting?


Or why not create a Union Jack design using fresh fruits on top? Try alternating flavours of jam between the layers to continue the Union jack theme throughout.



We couldn’t think of a more appropriate time to add this Swedish classic to your menus than to celebrate the Queen’s birthday. A princess cake is traditionally a layer cake or torte consisting of layers of airy sponge, custard, jam and a mound of whipped cream, before being topped with bright green marzipan and a single sugar paste rose.


Queen of pudding cupcakes

Traditionally served as a large pudding the Queen of puddings is made up of a layer of breadcrumb-thickened cake, jam, seasonal fruits and topped with a crown of chewy meringue.


Over the years there has been many variations, however the idea of a Queen of pudding cupcake has to be our favourite. Filled with strawberry jam and topped with light meringue peaks, these cupcakes are fit for your royal customers.


If you’ll be adding any royal bakes to your menu this week to join in the Queens celebrations we’d love to see them on our Twitter!

It’s rhubarb season!

15 April, 2016

As we head into April it can only mean one thing, rhubarb season!
Although commonly known as a fruit used in crumbles and pies, it is in fact a vegetable. With fresh rhubarb keeping in the fridge for up to 2 weeks and freezing well once cooked, it’s the ideal choice for an inexpensive ingredient to add to your menu.

With this in mind we thought we’d offer up some inspiration to sweeten up your dishes with this pretty pink seasonal ingredient.

Rhubarb and custard doughnuts

An age old flavour favourite has to be rhubarb and custard and what better way to add it to your menu than in the form of a doughnut. Simply pipe your doughnuts with a generous helping of sweet rhubarb compote followed by a velvety vanilla infused custard to create these lip-smacking doughnuts that your customers won’t be able to resist!

With vanilla cream donuts in powdered sugar.

Rhubarb meringue pie

Swap the retro lemon meringue pie for a rustic rhubarb meringue pie to really entice your customers this Spring. The sharpness of the rhubarb cuts perfectly through the sweet meringue. Instead of adding sugar to sweeten up your rhubarb curd try stewing with apple juice for a more tart flavour.

Why not take it one step further and pair this delicious dessert with a scoop of rhubarb and vanilla ice-cream?


Rhubarb chutney

Spice up your ploughman’s platter with a rhubarb chutney. Simply stew your rhubarb with star anise, fennel seeds and dried chilli flakes to create this sticky sweet chutney. Paired with a selection of cheeses and meats your customers won’t be able to get enough.

Cranberry chutney with onions and spices.

Rhubarb and white chocolate blondies

Who said brownies had to be brown? Simply swapping the milk or dark chocolate in your recipe for white chocolate provides a much sweeter and creamier alternative. Paired with rhubarb this really is a bake that your customers will find hard to resist.

Serve as a grab and go treat or as a gooey warm dessert with a scoop of ice-cream!


If you’re going to be incorporating rhubarb into your bakes this Spring, we’d love to know how on our Twitter?