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Make and mature your Christmas cake

18 November, 2015

As Christmas is quickly approaching it’s time to start thinking about your Christmas cake orders and making and maturing your celebration cake. This infamous annual bake can be created up to six months in advance, but we think 6 weeks is plenty of time to build a moist and flavoursome cake.

We know that the majority of bakers will follow age-old recipes that have been passed down through the generations, however the team at BAKO North Western wanted to share a few tips that we have collated over the many years of Christmas baking.

Top tips

1. Soak your fruit in alcohol or fruit juice for 12 hours before you add to your mixture. It will plump it up and help your cake to stay nice and moist.

2. Bind your mixture. We recommend including a generous handful of dried cranberries to your fruit mix for an authentic flavour.

3. When your cake has cooled, wrap it in greaseproof paper and store in an air tight tin.

4. Once a week take your cake out, make a few holes in the top and pour a little more of your chosen liquid onto your cake to keep it nice and moist. Brandy, kirsch, rum and whisky all work well so choose whichever you personally or your customers enjoy.




A well iced Christmas cake will make a fantastic centre piece for your Christmas counter. A traditional finish uses golden or neutral marzipan and white sugar paste with decorations on top.  If you want to provide your customers with an alternative to this rich topping, try adorning your cake with a variety of nuts and top with a fruity glaze.


Instead of serving slices of a whole Christmas cake on your menu this year, why not create individual Christmas cakes? Decorated with soft white icing and a glace cherry, they’ll soon look like miniature Christmas puddings. Served hot or cold these are sure to prove a hit with your customers and would make a great addition to a Christmas inspired afternoon tea.

Christmas cake

Alternative Flavours

Give the classic Christmas fruitcake a makeover with cinnamon, rose, orange blossom and tropical mango for a fruity and fragrant cake. Or try packing with ground and whole almonds and feed with sherry for an intensely fruity, but not overly rich bake.

We stock a great range of products, for all your Christmas needs. From white sugar paste and marzipan to dried fruits and mincemeat.

If you’re looking for a different bake this Christmas, check out tutorials from our latest workshop with baking experts Puratos, CSM and Bakels in our BAKOry. There’s everything from penguin cupcakes and gingerbread snowmen to Lebkuchen and mincemeat crowns.

We’d love to hear if you have started the Christmas cake process, let us know on  Twitter.

Highlights from The Cake and Bake Show Manchester

16 November, 2015

The @CakeandBakeShow, one of the biggest events in the industry returning to Manchester over the weekend offering something for everyone, from baking professionals to home bakers. A mouth-watering display of freshly baked treats offered visitors the chance to see and sample all the latest creations from the UK’s master bakers, whilst this year’s Great British Bake Off contestants showed us how it was done in live demonstrations on the Bake Off stage.

Top tips and techniques from BAKO’s Halloween and Christmas workshop

6 November, 2015

In BAKO’s latest workshop, baking experts from Puratos, CSM and Bakels visited the BAKOry to share Halloween and Christmas recipe inspiration and techniques with bakers from the North West.

Take a look at the video tutorials from the day to learn how to turn out perfect penguin cupcakes, create quick but attractive crispy cakes, bake perfect Lebkuchen and more.

CSM Christmas recipe ideas featuring Crispy Cakes, Penguin Cupcakes and Santa Biscuits.


BAKO Halloween and Christmas recipe inspiration featuring Mince Crowns, Apple Turnovers, Lebkuchen, Christmas Cupcakes, Irish Cream Shortbread Sandwiches, Web-eclairs, Shortbread Biscuits, Graveyard Brownies.


Christmas recipe ideas from Puratos featuring Melting Coconut Snowmen, Stuffed Gingerbread Snowmen, Cakemas Cake, Mulled Wine Cake, Brownies.


Halloween and Christmas recipe ideas from Bakels offering a range of delicious recipes featuring Wreath Cakes, Halloween Cupcakes, Popcorn Slices and Kokomix Snowmen.


If you’d like to enjoy the full BAKOry experience in person, BAKO runs regular events for likeminded bakers. Keep an eye out on our website, in our monthly brochure and product guide for updates on future workshops.