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Tricks and treats for the grown-ups!

16 October, 2015

As Halloween becomes an increasingly popular baking trend, we at BAKO NW thought we’d offer some spooky inspirational ideas to entice your older customers this year – who said Halloween had to just be for the little ones after all?

Pumpkin cheesecake

Pumpkin infused treats are a typically shared during this spooky season and they serve as a delicious ingredient in the majority of bakes. Why not swap your traditional cheesecake flavours for a pumpkin inspired special? Combining lemon and cream cheese with pureed pumpkin will offer a creamier alternative to pumpkin pie. Try adding nutmeg and cinnamon to the biscuit base for some extra Autumn warmth.

pumpkin cheesecake decorated with whipped cream

Spider web chocolate orange tart

The spider web decoration on this luxurious chocolate orange tart definitely won’t be scaring anyone away this Halloween. Dark chocolate is a must with this rich custard filling, set on top of a hidden blood orange curd, the flavour combination will be sure to get your customers taste buds tingling. Use a combination of melted white and milk chocolate to pipe on the effect of the spiders web for the perfect finishing touch.

Devil’s food cake

We couldn’t think of a better time for your customers to indulge than with a generous slice of devil’s food cake. Known for its tender crumb and luxurious frosting, your customers are more likely to feel like they’re in heaven when tucking into this treat. Serve alongside a sea salt infused cream to cut through this super sweet treat.


Trick or treat truffles

Children shouldn’t be the only ones enjoying themselves on Halloween so why not create some fun trick or treat truffles for the grown ups?

Infuse your chocolate truffles with the likes of chilli, cinder toffee, salted caramel or coffee and let your customers pick them at random in a roulette style selection.

Sweets trick or treat for Halloween spiders, spider we

If you’ve got any other festive treats that you’ll be adding to your menu this Halloween we’d love to hear about them on our Twitter!

Seasonal puds

16 October, 2015

As Winter is quickly approaching it’s time for many bakers to tweak their menus. So to help you along the way, here’s some seasonal inspiration from the team at BAKO_NW to help make the transition from light fruity desserts to winter warming puddings an easy one.

Sticky toffee muffins

It wouldn’t be Autumn without cinder toffee, sticky toffee puddings and toffee apples, so why not combine all three? These sticky toffee muffins with a gooey toffee centre are sure to please your customers young and old.

Serve hot or cold with cream, custard or ice-cream to warm your customers up after a trip trick or treating, or a cosy Bonfire night display.


Cranberry bread pudding

As cranberries taste their best during the months of October and November, we couldn’t think of a better time to include them in your bakes. Try adding the sweet addition of cranberries to a homely bread and butter pudding to make your customers reminisce of fond childhood memories.

Simply add frozen cranberries to your mixture before baking, and serve with a contrasting orange custard for a real treat.

Bread butter pudding

Ginger crème brulee

The crème brulee is a classic favourite included on many a menu. Try adding a spicy twist this Autumn by infusing ginger into the classic vanilla custard for a mix of sweet and spicy flavours.

Try swapping caster sugar on the top of your crème brulee for demerara. The slightly larger grains don’t melt to the same consistency but provide a slightly crunchy, toffee like flavour that your customers will find hard to resist. 

Sweet cream brulee

Chocolate and pear pudding

Another delicious Autumnal fruit is the pear and who’d have thought it would pair so well with indulgent dark chocolate? Place some poached pears into your chocolate pudding batter when in the baking tray and top with chopped walnuts, almonds and chocolate chips for a contrast of flavours and textures. Served warm with cream or ice cream, this hot gooey pud is perfect for dessert or an afternoon treat.

Pear cake

Winter accompaniments

Who said the cold weather meant your customers couldn’t eat ice cream? Try infusing Autumn flavours into your ice cream for a luxurious seasonal twist. Gingerbread and Christmas pudding ice creams are sure to prove popular.

For those customers that desire a warmer accompaniment, the winter months definitely call for brandy butter and winter liqueur infused creams and custards.

Pumpkin pudding

If you’ve got any delicious seasonal puddings that you’re adding to your menu we’d love to hear all about them on Twitter!

Mouthwatering chocolate statistics!

12 October, 2015

This week marks National Chocolate Week and to celebrate the team at BAKO_NW have put together some mouth-wateringly delicious statistics and tips for baking with chocolate!

We’ve got all the chocolate ingredients you could need for your bakes from coco powder to chocolate coatings here!