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BAKO’s top tips for perfect sourdough

20 July, 2015

Sourdough is notorious for being one of the more difficult loaves for bakers to perfect, but when done right, it’s one of the most delicious. Known for its characteristic flavour (ranging from mild to strong), chewy texture and crisp crust, you’re bound to impress customers with a selection of sourdough on your counter.

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For health conscious customers, it dominates when compared to standard loaves. The naturally occurring acids and long fermentation help to break down the proteins and gluten, making it more digestible and easy for the body to absorb, which is always a bonus!

In light of sourdough’s recent popularity, we thought we’d put together some of our top tips for creating perfect loaves every time.

But for those of you with less time on your hands, we stock a variety of bread mixes to satisfy your customers with.


Things to remember

A sourdough starter is made from a mixture of flour and water. This mix attracts wild yeast and friendly bacteria from its surrounding environment that will naturally leaven your bread. Therefore, it must be kept ‘alive’ with regular feeds of flour and water to maintain its strength.

To take good care of your starter, you have to feed it regularly. When a starter gets too sour the acid stops the yeast from growing and making bubbles. A well-fed active starter is characterized by lots of bubbles and a puffy or spongy texture.


Whole grain wheat, rye and spelt will work best because these grains have enough yeast spores to keep the starter going.

Top tip: fill a glass with water and drop a teaspoon of starter into the glass. If it floats, it’s ready to use. If it sinks, give it an additional feed.

A touch of flair

After a week or so and once your starter is bubbling and puffy, you can start making delicious loaves to entice your customers with.

How about creating sandwich loaves for customers to take-away with them on their picnic? Simple white loaves are bound to be a hit with all taste buds, but a melted cheddar cheese topping would make the perfect partner to most sandwich fillings.

Sourdough loaves can really be transformed by the addition of new textures and flavours. Kneading in chopped nuts and raisins can give a welcoming crunchy texture and compliment the complex flavours of the dough. A generous sprinkling of sunflower or sesame seeds before baking gives loaves of all shapes and sizes an eye-catching finish.


You can use sourdough to make more than just bread, so why not take your afternoon tea offering up a notch with sourdough scones? Simply make your classic scone recipe with the addition of some sourdough starter to create light and fluffy scones with a wonderful tangy flavour.

Scones 3

Here at BAKO North Western we know it takes quality ingredients to create delicious baked goods and we stock a variety of ingredients to make baking perfect sourdough that little bit easier; you can take a look at our product list here.

Have you ever taken on the challenge of homemade sourdough, if so, what do you serve it with? You can tell us all about your experiences on our Twitter.

BAKO North Western’s North West Food Lovers Festival highlights

7 July, 2015

Over the weekend, food lovers from across the North West came together in Stanley Park to celebrate the delicious food and drink the region has on offer. The festival featured a jam-packed schedule with over 100 stalls to indulge in, as well as guest appearances from celebrity chefs including Simon Rimmer and Dave Mooney.

Visitors of the festival were lucky enough to enjoy a range of irresistible regional treats in the sunshine, from juicy burgers to cinnamon spiced churros. There was something for everyone at the festival, whether sampling the latest creations from the North West or showing off produce – it was a dream foodie’s day out!

Did you attend @NWFoodLovers’ over the weekend? We’d love to hear about your highlights from the day on our Twitter.


Independence Day baking with BAKO NW

6 July, 2015

American bakes have become a hit all over the world for their rich indulgent flavours and this year’s Independence Day baking was certainly testament to that. Bakers from all over the North West have been inspired by American flavours to create bolder, bigger and even more delicious creations. So we’ve put together a little inspiration so your business can whip up a selection of USA themed treats.

Apple pie

Could there be a more quintessentially American bake than apple pie? Rich buttery pie crust encasing spiced cinnamon apples couldn’t be more enjoyable. We’d suggest serving warm with a generous scoop of vanilla ice cream to make the most of those classic flavours.

Piece of apple pie with a flaky crust and vanilla ice cream

New York berry cheesecake

Embracing the red, white and blue colours of the American flag doesn’t have to involve fancy decoration. Simply prepare a creamy New York cheesecake and add a topping of fresh blueberries and strawberries for a patriotic treat. The smooth white cheesecake filling contrasts perfectly with the vibrant blue and red fruit topping, not to mention it tastes delicious!


Bacon and maple syrup cupcakes

For customers after a truly indulgent 4th July treat, look no further. Crispy bacon and sweet maple syrup make a classic pancake topping in the US, but why not add a twist of your own and use those flavours in cupcakes? A cupcake enriched with light brown sugar creates the perfect base for a sticky maple syrup buttercream. Next, for a show stopping topping, a generous sprinkle of crushed crispy bacon is sure to do the trick.


Patriotic cake pops

To get into the Independence Day spirit without making any elaborate changes to your menu, why not serve some red, white and blue cake pops? You can easily create a range of coloured cake pops with our range of white chocolate coatings as they can easily be coloured to match the shades of the American flag. For a truly American twist, how about creating red velvet flavoured cake pops?

Smores brownies

Combining two classic American desserts is sure to be a popular option with customers, particularly when brownies are involved! Smores are typically enjoyed in front of a campfire as a chocolate and marshmallow topped biscuit is toasted. Although, customers can still enjoy smores from the comfort of your own business when baked into brownies; simply press a biscuit and melted butter mixture into the base of a baking tin and top with brownie mix. Five minutes before the end of baking, add a topping of marshmallows and bake until golden.


Did you celebrate the 4th July during the weekend? Whether you enjoyed a slice of humble apple pie or whipped up something elaborate in the kitchen, we’d love to hear about it on Twitter.