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BAKO celebrates #NationalChocolateDay

30 October, 2014

This week marked one of the most exciting days of the calendar year for many bakers as it meant they could tempt their customers with some mouth-watering chocolate creations. From brownies to cupcakes and ice cream there was something for everyone on the menu.

We’re already looking forward to next year but, until then, here are some of the highlights from the day for inspiration.

Did you whip up some tasty chocolate treats yesterday for your customers? BAKO would love to see your creations, so why not get in touch on Twitter and share your pictures with us.

Trick or treat?

22 October, 2014

As Halloween becomes a bigger and bigger trend in the baking world, we at BAKO thought that we would offer some spooky inspirational ideas to entice your customers this year.

Ghoulish cupcakes
Turn your cupcakes into ghostly treats by simply placing a circular layer of white sugar paste loosely over the top of a swirl of velvety buttercream to create a ghostly affect. Decorate with black piped soft icing to finish off these scarily hard to resist cupcakes.



Another great idea to decorate your cupcakes is to create spider web designs in your icing. Ice your cupcakes and then add chocolate soft icing in circular rings then, before the icing sets, use a cocktail stick to drag the chocolate icing out from the centre of the cake to the edges, creating this web like affect.

Halloween cupcake


Terrifyingly tasty biscuits
An alternative to cupcakes, try baking some scary shaped biscuits. Top with a layer of sugar paste or pipe with soft icing to create the famous orange, green and black Halloween colours. Or try creating your own gingerbread haunted house with graveyard garden to really impress your customers.

iStock_000017616134_Small                Halloween homemade gingerbread cookies

Spooky Halloween themed cake pops are a brilliant idea for all ages, especially your younger customers. Create anything from wicked witches, to creepy cats and scary skeletons. Or why not create Halloween shaped marshmallow lollies?

iStock_000021751963_Small           iStock_000027434609_Small

BAKO’s Own Label gravestone brownies
Let your imagination run wild this Halloween – our simple graveyard is made from our Own Label  brownie mix with dark chocolate inclusions, topped with dark chocolate fudgeice and sugar paste decoration.choc week halloween

Pumpkin Treats
Pumpkin and chocolate make a delicious flavour combination, so why not whip them up together to create indulgent gooey brownies? Served hot or cold, they are sure to tempt your customers young and old. How about adding a scoop of ice cream or cream when served hot to warm up your customers after they’ve been trick or treating?

Pumpkin brownies


You could even try adding pumpkin to other bakes such as muffins or cookies.



Try a twist on the traditional pumpkin pie and create it as a more contemporary tray bake. The pumpkin custard filling should be generously flavoured with cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg, creating a real sense of Autumn through both its subtle spicy taste and warm orange colour.



Looking for something to surprise your customers? How about warm pumpkin fritters served with cinnamon cream and a dusting of icing sugar?



Spooky savouries
Halloween doesn’t have to be all about the sweet treats; try adding some savoury options to your menu with a warming pumpkin soup. After all the pumpkin carving, use the pumpkin meat to create a smooth spicy soup flavoured with ginger.

Pumpkin cream soup


Or how about a savoury twist on the traditional sweet pumpkin pie? Bake the pumpkin in a pastry base and sprinkle with pine nuts and feta cheese to create a grown up alternative to all those Halloween treats.  iStock_000048377774_Small

If you think there are any Halloween tricks or treats that we’ve missed, or you’ll be creating something different, do let us know on Twitter.