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Celebrations for another Craft Bakers’ Week begin

30 September, 2014

While bread in its simplest form, is not too tricky to make, baking the perfect loaf can be a real labour of love that bakers will gladly spend hours over. To celebrate the art and skill of bread making, appreciating the long hours that our local bakers spend tirelessly kneading and proving dough, BAKO are proud to be supporting Craft Bakers’ Week for another year.



Bakers spend years learning and perfecting their art, gaining skills to create everything from the perfect pastry to cakes and bread. Craft Bakers’ Week is organised on behalf of all the bakers across the UK that are proud of their craft, and form a key part of the British high street.

Bakers across the country will be coming together this week to tempt people into their bakeries in aid of the week, with a host of activities planned from competitions to bakery tours, tastings and product launches. If the above wasn’t tempting enough, Tom and Henry Herbert, famously known as the ‘Baker Brothers’, who run Hobbs House Bakery in the Cotswolds are also back to support the week for another year. The brothers plan to encourage everyone in the community to pay a visit to their local bakery, asking them to ‘Love Your Baker’.


Bakeries throughout the UK this week are also aiming to raise awareness and funds for the Make-A-Wish Foundation UK, a charity that grants wishes to children and young people fighting life-threatening conditions. This week bakeries are encouraged to “Bake-A-Wish” with special buns, biscuits and cakes on offer and each sale made will contribute a 10p donation to the charity.


To celebrate the start of Craft Bakers’ Week today, why not plan a visit to your local baker? For a list of participating bakers in your area, you can click here. Or we’d love to hear from those bakers in our Twitter community about how you are celebrating Craft Bakers’ Week.

BAKO’s highlights from National Cupcake Week

23 September, 2014

One of the most enjoyable parts of our job here at BAKO North Western is seeing the incredible creations local chefs and bakers whip up. Last week’s National @CupcakeWeek was no exception. This year saw another huge celebration of the tasty treats, when we saw the region go mad for cupcakes of all shapes, sizes and flavours.

This year’s National Cupcake Championships were set to be the biggest and best year yet, consisting of four categories for both the home baker and professional: Classic Cupcake; Made with Alcohol; Free-from; and Themed Cupcake of the Year. The bakers of the North West certainly didn’t disappoint.

We’re already looking forward to next year’s event but, until then, here are some of the highlights from the week for inspiration.

Did you whip up some tasty cupcake treats last week? BAKO would love to see your creations, so why not get in touch on Twitter and share your pictures with us.


Back to school catering

16 September, 2014

The summer has drawn to an end and the nation’s students and pupils have returned to their studies to start a new Autumn term, which means that it’s time to look at refreshing the school menu.

It’s not just bakeries and cafes that are producing some fantastic fresh menu options in the region, local schools and universities are also pushing the boundaries to deliver delicious, filling school menus.

At BAKO, we’re keen to support the catering industry in all its forms, so this week we have looked at some exciting ways that schools and universities could create new ways to cater their menus to their students.

Pre-packed lunch deals

Pre-packed lunch deals are always a favourite for those students who are in a hurry or looking for a bargain. Try including some of your ready-prepared sandwiches in a meal deal option with a drink and a packet of crisps. BAKO stock a large variety of big brand name fizzy and soft drinks and crisps. BAKO also stock a range of plastic cutlery, disposable cups and packaging perfect to create a takeaway lunch.

Ready-made sandwiches and wraps

Ready-made sandwiches are always a hit for lunchtime, but many caterers are choosing to liven up this staple with tortilla wraps or grilled paninis. Why not add a Speedibake Panini to your menu, ideal for making hot sandwiches on a panini grill? Warm sandwich fillings are always popular in the Autumn and Winter months, so options like toasted ciabattas filled with oozing cheeses and meats or add an Swedish twist to the menu with meatball baguettes. BAKO stock a range of frozen bread brands including Lantmannen, Greenhalghs and Kara to make things easier to prepare in advance.


Pudding with a twist

There’s a reason traditional British puddings have been a classic in school canteens for years, but perhaps it’s time to add a little something new to this firm favourite. BAKO’s wide range of ready-prepared cake mixes offer a few options to add a surprise factor to dessert, from the bittersweet flavour combination of chocolate orange brownies, to mellow banana cake. They all still taste great served with the customary lashings of warm custard though!

Cake & Custard

Snack Boxes

Why not try creating noodle or rice take-away boxes for lunch with BAKO’s Honey & Chilli Chicken or Kookaburra Chinese Chicken Mix.  Pasta pots are another great idea as these can be served hot or chilled, including salads and fresh sliced meats. Or how about creating an international snack box with a variety of international goodies inside? BAKO stock a range of frozen spring rolls, onion bhajis and samosas which are sure to add some excitement to the menu.

Spring Rolls etc

Pies and pastries

A more filling choice is going to be more popular this term, so why not offer a real northern treat with a range of pies and pasties. From BAKO’s Own Label steak and kidney pie to Wrights chicken and mushroom slice served with mashed potato or chips, they’re sure to be a crowd pleaser in those colder months. Although they taste great served hot or cold!

Savoury side options have proved to be popular, so try offering a Bakehouse Tomato and Cheese Swirly or cheese twist, alongside a hearty soup or a filling stew.

Potato & Meat Pie

Breakfast options

Breakfast doesn’t have to be all about the sausage and bacon rolls, introduce a French twist to your canteen menu with a variety of croissants and pastries. BAKO stock a whole range of all butter croissants including chocolate and almond flavours. Served with butter and jam these are a lighter alternative to a breakfast menu. Or how about introducing a Bakehouse vanilla custard crown or Greenhalghs Bramley Apple Danish pastry for a more indulgent breakfast treat? If you want a simple selection we also stock a selection of fresh breads including teacakes and crumpets.



Great as a healthier choice to cakes for dessert or great to be served as a breakfast alternative with fruits and cereals. BAKO stock a range of delicious yoghurt flavours from black cherry to peach and mandarin.