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Inspiration for National Cupcake week

28 August, 2014

National Cupcake week kicks off again in less than two weeks, taking place between 15th -21st  September and will be another huge celebration of the tasty treats that bakers have on offer.

Cupcake week calls on all cake connoisseurs to make the week as big as possible, asking everyone involved to bake cupcakes and lots of them. They want to see bakers showing their cupcakes both in-store and online and are inviting you to share your cupcakes on their Facebook page or via Twitter @cupcake week. You could even hold a charity bake sale. Remembering their charity partner Wellbeing of Women and not forgetting to support other local businesses by buying lots of cupcakes!

cupcake week


We at BAKO love a great cupcake, so we thought we would share our infographic of some unique ideas that you could whip up for your customers during cupcake week. If you’re pushed for time, we also stock all the baking essentials and ready prepared cakes mixes, frostings and decorations that can be used to make a variety of interesting cupcakes.

It always time for cake with our range of cake mixes

20 August, 2014

It’s National Sponge Cake Day this weekend, and we can only imagine the delicious array of sponge cakes you will be baking in celebration, but when it comes to the day we think that almost any cake will do. If you’re looking to make a variety of fantastic cakes but don’t have the time to prepare everything from scratch, BAKO stock a huge range of cake mixes from household brand names to professional quality BAKO Own label products.

If you’re looking for an alternative bake this weekend, here are just a few of the fantastic cake mixes that BAKO have to offer.

1. BAKO Own Label Sponge Cake Mix
A light, fatless sponge mix, which can be used to make high quality sponges including swiss rolls. BAKO sponge mix is ideal to use if you’re thinking of whipping up a fatless Victoria sponge, without the fuss. Topped with a dusting of icing sugar and a generous layer of jam in the centre, this is the ultimate cake to celebrate National Sponge Cake Day.

2. Dawn Super Sponge Mix
Used in high volume bakes, and known for its reliable quality, Dawn Super Sponge Mix has self levelling qualities to give an even bake, adapting to flavours and colourings very easily. Ideal to create those larger bakes when you want to invite your customers in for a generous slice of cake.


3. Macphie Mississippi Muffin Mix
Entice your customers with delicious, moist and dense cakes; Mississippi is perfect for producing the most indulgent of cakes or muffins in a variety of flavours including chocolate, toffee and coconut.


4. Bakels Sponge & Pudding Mix
Bakels has created a premium sponge mix which is quick and easy to prepare, only needing to add water for tasty hot sponge puddings or conventional layered sponge cakes filled with jam and cream. Ideal when used as a base for individual cupcakes or whoopie pies.

5. Puratos Lemon Satin Crème Cake Mix
An easy to handle cake mix using natural flavours, which creates light zesty lemon flavoured cakes or cupcakes. Why not top with a lemon flavoured sugar drizzle and candied lemon rind for a simple yet effective finish. Puratos also stock a variety of flavours ranging from coconut to coffee and banana crème mixes.

6. BAKO Carrot Cake Mix
Carrot cake can sometimes be a laborious task, but to make it simple BAKO have a moist full flavoured and light carrot cake mix with excellent slicing qualities, ideal for tray bakes, loaf cakes or cupcakes. All it needs is the addition of oil and water plus freshly grated carrot and to finish a velvety cream cheese frosting to finish it off.

carrot carke

7. Macphie Chocolate Orange Sensation Mix
A unique cake mix with brilliant flavour combinations, packed with real orange pieces that form pockets of fruity juiciness when baked. Incredibly moist and indulgent, this mix is suitable for muffins, loaf cakes and tray bakes. Topped with a chocolate orange flavoured ganache, this is the ultimate indulgence.


8. BAKO Brownie Mix
A rich chocolate brownie mix, requiring the addition of water to create a dense fudge brownie, BAKO Brownie Mix is excellent with the inclusion of nuts or chocolate chips, making an irresistible treat for your customers.

9. BAKO Farmhouse Mix
If you are looking for a more traditional bake, Farmhouse Mix is a lightly spiced mix especially developed to be used with fruit, to produce a moist fruit filled loaf or fruit cake.


These are just a handful of the many cake mixes which BAKO NW stock. If you’re planning on whipping up a cake to celebrate National Sponge Cake Day, then we’d love to hear from you on Twitter.

Bakers of the North West join BAKO NW for a day of celebration

5 August, 2014

After months of preparation, the wait was finally over for BAKO North Western on Sunday, as we were joined by baking friends from across the region for a day of 1964 themed excitement.

Our Family Fun Day, part of a year-long calendar of celebrations to mark BAKO NW’s 50th Anniversary, saw suppliers, customers and BAKO team members enjoy a whole host of activities, with a generous helping of cake on the side.

We were lucky enough to be joined by leading names from the food industry, including Renshaw, Callebaut and Bakels, showing guests how to create impressive edible masterpieces in a series of demonstrations in the BAKOry.

Alongside these skilful displays, many more of our favourite food brands were on hand in the BAKO marquee, with a whole host of tempting treats for visitors to taste, from sausages hot-off-the-grill to delicate pastries.

The day was also a chance to show our customers exactly what goes on behind the scenes at BAKO, with warehouse tours and the chance to pit your skills against a Toyota forklift simulator! Meanwhile, BAKO’s youngest fans, and a few of the older ones too, were entertained by face-painting, bouncy castles and our very own photo booth, complete with seriously silly 60s props.

We’ve collected a selection of highlights from our #BAKOFunDay below, and would love to hear from you on Twitter if you enjoyed it as much as we did.