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Tasty tennis treats: BAKO North Western’s favourite Wimbledon-themed bakes

30 June, 2014

With Wimbledon in full swing, the nation has once again become tennis mad, and the country’s bakers have been showing their support for Andy Murray through some inventive tennis inspired bakes.

BAKO have been looking on Twitter for the most tempting Wimbledon treats to inspire your tennis-loving customers.

Shakey Cakey
Strawberries and cream go hand in hand with the tradition of Wimbledon, and Shakey Cakey Leeds have got the game point with these strawberry and cream cupcakes. After all, what could be more British than a light and airy sponge, topped with a generous helping of cream and adorned with fresh strawberries?

Shakey Cakey also created these tennis cupcakes decorated in the style of tennis balls using yellow sugar paste and some piped icing lines. Simple yet very effective!

Sweet and Sinful Cupcakes

Sweet and Sinful cakes have baked a Wimbledon collection of cupcakes to tempt their customers, with vibrant green grass-effect icing topped with multi-coloured miniature tennis balls.


As well as looking at the region’s bakers, we’ve also discovered Wimbledon-inspired desserts that would definitely have the ‘advantage’ on any menu, created by some of the UK’s most imaginative pastry chefs. Josh Eggleton of The Pony and Trap in Bristol has created this innovative dessert made using the traditional Wimbledon-inspired flavours of Pimms jelly topped with cucumber sorbet.

We also spotted this tennis ball inspired cheesecake from Great British Bake Off winner, Frances Quinn. Buttery biscuit creates the base for this unique cheesecake filled with a smooth strawberries and cream centre. Topped with lemon sherbet to create the iconic tennis ball colour, this cheesecake would certainly call game, set and match on your menu!

If you’re thinking of baking some off-court creations to tempt your customers and need to stock up on any baking essentials, then contact BAKO NW. We’d also love to hear about your tennis themed bakes on Twitter.

Kicking off the World Cup

13 June, 2014

The World Cup is kicking off today in Brazil, and the whole country is talking about predictions and tactics, but for bakers we believe it’s a prime opportunity to tap into the football market and whip up some special themed bakes for your customers’ match-day BBQ’s and parties.

To provide inspiration and get warmed up for kick off, we took a look at the football creations from bakers of the North West on Twitter.

Occasion Cakes UK

World Cup fever has hit Wigan’s Occasion cakes! The expert bakers have all corners covered with a variety of football themed cakes, from a Brazil-themed three-tier cake, to football shirt biscuits and cake pops; there really is something to suit every customer.

Cocoa Cabana

For those who have a sweeter tooth, award winning chocolatier Cocoa Cabana, have created a bespoke golden chocolate football boot filled with a selection of truffles chosen by each customer, alongside a bronzed chocolate football. Giving the customer the option to choose their favourite truffles adds a personal touch to this treat, meaning that each one is truly one of a kind.

Fondant and Apron Strings

Fondant and Apron Strings have created football shirt designed cakes, decorated in sugar paste, that can easily be adapted to represent each country’s kit and feature the player number of each customer’s favourite footballer.

Hey Little Cupcake

Hey Little Cupcake have created a World Cup collection of cupcakes, made in a selection of different flavours cleverly themed around each country. Topped with velvety buttercream and decorated with sugar paste flags, customers can choose what country they’d like to sample, the first of the delicious collection being the Brazil themed passion fruit and pineapple twist cupcake.


Bakers, we’d love to hear what football-themed bakes you have planned. Let us know if you need to stock up on any baking essentials to create your World Cup masterpieces.

Celebrating Father’s Day

11 June, 2014

While for many bakers, the famous cliché of learning to bake with your mother may ring true, for this one day of the year, it’s time to focus on the special men instead and celebrate Father’s Day. It’s time for dads across the UK to have a relaxing day off, and what better way than with cake?

There’s no chance of being stuck for edible gift ideas this Father’s Day, especially with all the exciting ideas that the bakers of the North West have already dreamt up on Twitter.

Hey Little Cupcake

Who said cupcakes weren’t for men? Hey Little Cupcake have created a Father’s Day collection of manly cupcakes, made in a selection of different flavours and topped with complimentary buttercream and sugar paste decorations, including moustaches! Why not let your customers say thank you to their dad this year with a cupcake?

Liverpool Cake Company

Many dads are renowned for sloping off to sit on the sofa with the remote and a cup of tea, which inspired this brilliant idea from the Liverpool Cake Company. We couldn’t think of anything more personal than letting your customers surprise their dad this Father’s day with a sugar paste model of himself.

Melting House

Melting House in West Yorkshire has created a treat for all those dads who have a bit of a sweet tooth: personalised chocolate plaques. Giving customers the option to choose their dad’s favourite flavour of chocolate and add a personalised piped icing message, these are the ideal gift to make any man feel special.


For dads that aren’t keen on cake, Bisquites, a Mother and Daughter bakery offering unique homemade iced biscuits, have come up with the ideal solution: dad shaped biscuits! Decorated with icing, these can easily be customised to feature a customer’s dad’s favourite colour scheme.

Walkden Cake Company

What could be more quintessentially British than sitting down with a cup of tea and a cake? Walkden Cake Co have gone for the best of British approach with these chocolate and vanilla cupcakes, adorned with rich buttercream and sugar paste toppers.

Bakers, we’d love to hear what you have planned for the dads of the North West this weekend, and don’t forget to let us know if you need to stock up on any baking essentials.