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British Food Fortnight 2013: Bake and celebrate the best of Great Britain!

5 September, 2013

With less than a month remaining until the British Food Fortnight 2013, this week’s blog is dedicated to some of Great Britain’s most iconic sweet treats.

Founded by Alexia Robinson in 2002, the British Food Fortnight runs for two weeks in September every year to support local British farmers and celebrate the best of Great British food. This year, the national celebration will be taking place from the 21st September to the 6th October, with bakers, restaurants and cafes across the country participating by creating many enticing delicacies for food lovers to enjoy.

As a leading supplier to the catering industry, BAKO North Western are keen to support our local bakers, so this week we’re celebrating Great British food with our pick of the top five sweet British treats created by the region’s bakers.

Classic fruit scones

Here at BAKO, we believe you definitely can’t go wrong with a delicious fruit scone to kick-start your celebrations for the British Food Fortnight with style. Bake up your own scones from scratch or use BAKO’s own label scone mix, then serve with whipped cream and strawberry jam for the perfect finish.

Traditional Victoria sponge

The Victoria Sponge cake is a wonderful example of another enduring British dessert. Like the Fruit Scone, this timeless classic is utterly irresistible when served with a spot of afternoon tea and is perfect for celebrating the best of Great British cuisine. Why not bake one of Britain’s timeless, irresistible treats using your own chosen recipe or BAKO own label sponge cake mix, filling with buttercream, and jam and topping with either icing sugar or fresh berries.

Scottish shortbread

Short but deliciously sweet, shortbread is a simple and luxurious treat that’s incredibly easy to bake. Traditionally topped with sugar, shortbread biscuits can also be creatively finished with decorative icing details or an array of toppings, available from BAKO.

Eccles Cake

Named after Eccles village in the heart of Greater Manchester, the Eccles cake has remained a popular favorite among those in Great Britain for centuries. Filled with dried fruits and currents, this small, flat pastry remains one of Britain’s most well-loved sweet treats and is incredibly straightforward for all to make.

The Cherry Bakewell

Completing our top five best British desserts list, the Cherry Bakewell is a signature sweet originating from the Derbyshire town of Bakewell; perfect to celebrate the best of Great British food in the North. Consisting of a shortcrust pastry base topped with layers of strawberry jam and a sponge filling enriched with ground almonds, this classic is definitely one of our favorites.

Inspired by our list to bake your own classic British delicacies for the Great British Food Fortnight 2013? Contact BAKO North Western to stock up on all the professional quality ingredients and supplies you’ll need to get you started.