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Iced to perfection: simple icing techniques to wow the crowds

10 June, 2013

As one of the UK’s leading suppliers to the professional baking industry, BAKO North Western know that when it comes to cakes, most consumers are guilty of judging a book by its cover.

A baker could whip up the most deliciously moist sponges or beautifully crumbly shortbread biscuits but without attractive finishing details, many customers will never even stop to taste their creations.

Unfortunately though, many bakers just don’t have the luxury of spending hours crafting intricate icing details, so BAKO have come up with three of the simplest ways to make your cakes stand out.

Colourful cut-outs

With Renshaw’s Professional ready to roll icing range, available from BAKO North Western in a huge variety of vibrant colours, striking designs can be created in a matter of minutes. Use a biscuit cutter to cut out icing pieces in your desired shape and apply to your cakes using a little jam to help them stick. Hearts, stars and polka dots work well here, but you could also experiment with creating scenes using people or animal shapes for a child-friendly design.


Cute fruit and veg

What is it about re-creating things in miniature that makes them that little bit more adorable? We love this easy-to-achieve idea of creating miniature icing carrots to top your carrot cakes, which is as practical as it is appealing, since it helps customers immediately identify cake flavours on display. Taking inspiration from this idea, you could also try miniature bunches of bananas on a banana cake or even a tiny cappuccino mug on your coffee cakes.


Hello petal

Icing flowers can be a notoriously tricky thing to achieve, particularly if you’re going for a highly realistic look with layer upon layer of paper-thin petals, as seen on many sophisticated wedding cakes. These blooms are a much quicker alternative for achieving a floral effect on big batches of cookies or cupcakes. Simply twist a line of icing into a spiral and pinch at one end for roses or cut out icing stars and curve the points inwards and upwards to create a petal effect.

icing flowers

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