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French sophistication made simple

30 April, 2013

Walk into any patisserie in France and you’ll be greeted by the sight of a dazzling array of intricate fresh-baked delicacies, from buttery-soft croissants to multi-layered millefeuille slices and delicate tartlets.

Back in Britain, while our local bakers may be masters of transforming the humble sponge into the most impressive theme cakes imaginable, many bakers tend to shy away from the long, complicated process of creating French pastries.

We think it’s a shame for the North West’s consumers to miss out on these luxurious treats, so we’ve put together a blog dedicated to our top time-saving tips for perfect patisseries.

Macphie Choutex with mactop and i-zings

Speedy choux

Macphie have specially developed their convenient Choutex mix to turn difficult choux creations like éclairs and profiteroles into a simple task for any baker. Simply add cold water for a choux dough that rises to a light, airy finish, pipe in smooth Mactop filling and smother in BAKO’s gooey caramel or rich chocolate flavour Fudgeice topping.

Strawberry glaze

Tarts to entice

Give your cake counter that signature sheen of a Parisian window display without the fuss of spending hours stewing fruits through Bakels ready-to-use strawberry glaze. This versatile ingredient works wonders to add an attractive shine to everything from tiny petits fours tartlets, to fruit flan centrepieces or pavlovas piled high with summer berries.

Dainty details

Sometimes it’s that final finishing touch that really transforms an everyday cake into a gourmet dessert; just think of the elegant lettering piped on top of a traditional Austrian Sachertorte. Melted chocolate is one of the most effective ways to create all manner of different designs, many of which are explained in the CD guide to popular chocolate-work techniques that comes as part of Callebaut’s Spinning kit. Use with the disposable piping bags included in the kit and Callebaut’s chocolate drop callets, available in dark, milk or white chocolate varieties, which melt down easily for a glossy finish.

Dipped_2_LRBonne chance creating your French-inspired masterpieces, and don’t hesitate to get in touch with BAKO for a whole range of convenient supplies to help out busy bakers.


Eat-in or take-away? Catering for the picnic season

22 April, 2013

With the first hints of warm weather headed our way, now seems like the perfect time for BAKO North Western to share a simple way for local café and bakery owners to attract extra trade this summer.

We Brits are notorious for putting aside our woollies and heading outside as soon as the sun starts showing its face, even if the temperatures aren’t quite tropical. For foodies, this love of the great outdoors can mean only one thing; picnic time.

As consumers across the North West head for nearby parks and beaches, bakers have a key opportunity to tap into this seasonal trend by putting together meal deals or take-away sets as a ready-to-go option for hungry picnickers.

Taking this as our inspiration, we’ve put together suggestions for the perfect picnic, from BAKO North Western’s extensive array of fresh food and baking supplies.

sandwich filler

Sandwich Staples

No picnic is complete without sandwiches, and they provide a chance for bakers to really shine since pre-packaged sandwiches can never compare to freshly baked bread. A wide array of sandwich fillers from Big Sandwich and specially formulated bread mixes from Bakels and Ireks, make preparing the ultimate picnic staple that little bit easier.

Tasty Pastries

Crisp, flaky pastries make another delectable picnic option. From meaty BAKO sausage rolls to Vegetarian-friendly choices like Lantmannen tomato swirls or BAKO cheese and onion pasties, there’s something to suit all tastes.

pastries 1

Sweet Tooth

Sweet treats can be as simple or as complicated to prepare as a baker wishes, and are always a popular choice with customers. Core baking ingredients, BAKO frostings and fudgeices can be whipped up into unique and enticing cupcake designs, while ready-prepared BAKO brownie or Dawn cookie mixes represent a no-fuss addition to a lunchtime feast.

Frostings and cake mixes

Thirst Quenchers

As a one-stop shop for food and catering supplies, BAKO also stocks a range of bottled drink options to wash down a delicious al-fresco meal, including major brands like Coca Cola, Fruit Shoot and Ribena.

fruit shoot

Have we left anything out? We’d love to hear from local café owners, bakers and chefs on which snacks you feel a picnic really can’t do without.