Crazy afternoon tea themes to amaze your customers!

1 June, 2017

Afternoon tea: a quintessentially English treat, created by Anna the 7th Duchess of Bedford. What started as the Duchess enjoying a pot of tea and snack in her chamber, has since transformed into a food phenomenon, turning the early afternoon bite into a popular, much-loved occasion. With a delightful selection of miniature cakes, French fancies and triangular sandwiches, accompanied by a pot of tea or coffee, it’s no wonder the afternoon tea is enjoyed by so many.

Although the selection of foods has certainly aided its popularity, it’s also the experience that has secured the afternoon tea’s place in the heart of cake lovers. With intricate, vintage china, a beautiful cake stand filled with indulgences, and the option for your customers to eat in any order they prefer, the afternoon tea has become a unique, pretty and enjoyable English tradition.

To highlight the true potential of afternoon tea, we’re showcasing four crazy ideas that will show how you can push the boundaries with your food selection to attract even more customers.

Flower Power Afternoon Tea



As bakers, you may have already experimented with edible flowers in your baking. Offering a pop of colour and a beautifully presented afternoon tea, flower power isn’t hard to achieve, and can be executed as simply as decorating the selection with edible pansies. For the more experienced baker, why not bring the garden theme wonderfully to life, with the following suggestions?

  • Lemon and lavender miniatures cupcakes
  • Chocolate and basil brownie bites
  • Wholegrain mustard coated ham, with orange blossom honey sandwiches
  • Rosewater herbal tea
  • Early Grey scones


Gentleman’s Afternoon Tea



A delicious afternoon tea that swaps sandwiches for a tasty selection of much-loved savoury snacks, from crispy sausage rolls to miniature burgers; this gentleman’s afternoon tea is a unique take on the classic English delight, and is becoming increasingly popular across the country. The gentleman’s afternoon tea traditionally features snack-sized variations of your favourite hearty classics, alongside beer-infused appetisers and desserts. Why not experiment with stout, and offer a food selection that pairs well with your ale menu? Serve on a large slate platter, with a tankard of brown ale.

  • Scotch quail eggs
  • Beer brownies
  • Pork pies
  • Chocolate stout cake
  • Beer-battered fish and chips


Indian Afternoon Tea



Why not swap cake and sandwiches for lightly spiced, delicious Indian snacks? Served with Chai tea, Indian afternoon tea offers a piquant, fiery take on the classic afternoon tea, using traditional Indian spices. Opting for mouth-watering Indian pastries and rich peppery bites, we’re sure this will be a big hit with your customers.

  • Bombay miniature burgers
  • Masala Chai Tea
  • Coriander and tomato chutney sandwiches
  • Vegetable samosas


Chocolate Afternoon Tea



Chocolate lovers will rejoice at the next crazy afternoon tea idea! An overload of chocolate and rich indulgences, including velvety chocolate tea and chocolate art decorations, your customers will be transported into an all-encompassing cocoa haven! Why not serve the below suggestions on an edible chocolate tray?

  • Red velvet chocolate tea
  • Dark chocolate torte
  • Chocolate roses
  • Rocky road
  • Chocolate fondue

The afternoon tea is a hugely popular English tradition. Make yours stand out with these crazy, striking ideas that your customers are guaranteed to love.

How have you re-created the traditional afternoon tea? Tell us via Twitter!

BAKO NW’s favourite summer baking events for 2017

26 May, 2017

Every year at BAKO NW, we select our must-visit food and drink festivals taking place in the UK and overseas. Not only do these offer great insight into the next big cooking trend, but while you’re consuming the local cuisine and discovering what delightful food combinations have been thrown together, you’ll also be able to take inspiration for your very own dishes.

Whatever type of professional cook you are, visiting one of these events provides plenty of opportunities to diversify your offering and learn something new, with hands-on workshops, taste testing, and even celebrity demonstrations. In fact, if there’s any particular food you fancy learning more about, there will almost certainly be a festival for you to explore. From the Isle of Wight’s Garlic Festival to the Great Dorset Chilli Festival, events dedicated to one food aren’t hard to come by and will open your eyes up to the cooking possibilities.

Food events that have become hugely popular over recent years, thanks to The Great British Bake Off (GBBO) and viral cake social media accounts, are baking festivals. These events showcase some of the country’s most talented bakers and highlight the latest techniques and equipment at your disposal. If you’re looking to expand your baking talents, or perhaps discover what others are doing, we’ve chosen some of our favourite baking events taking place over summer for you to enjoy.


Foodies Festival, various locations

Tickets are priced from £16 for adults, and £13 for concessions


Travelling around the UK, the Foodies Festival is a lively 3-day fete, providing a haven for professional and amateur cake creators. Each one has a plethora of recognisable bakers, Michelin star chefs, and television personalities: Newcastle’s Foodies Festival welcomes Candice Brown, winner of this year’s GBBO, while Edinburgh’s event features 2016 MasterChef winner, Jane Devonshire. You can expect a creative summer workshop, teaching you how to make some of this season’s most delightful desserts, and a dedicated cake theatre where you can show off your own baking talents!


The Great British Food Festival, various locations

Tickets are priced from £5

From Northamptonshire to York, The Great British Food Festival has been attracting professional bakers from around the country, with a weekend jam-packed with activities, live demonstrations, and even a foraging food walk! This year’s festival brings together local restaurants and celebrity bakers for a fun few days of all things food! Harewood House’s event features Howard Middleton from GBBO whipping up amazing gluten-free goodies, and you’ll also have the opportunity to learn baking tricks from talented Bake Off contestants, Val and Luis, at several classes over the weekend. Don’t forget to enter the Cake Off too!


Bakewell Baking Festival 2017, Derbyshire – 12th & 13th August

Tickets are priced from £7


In its 4th year, Bakewell Baking Festival brings together a wealth of cooking activities and great-tasting food in the heart of the beautiful Peak District. You’ll have a chance to learn from Molly Robbins, an award-winning sugarcraft tutor, and artist, Edd Kimber from GBBO, and master chocolatier, David Greenwood Haigh. Plus, you can try out mouth-watering local cuisine while wandering around a bustling baking and food village and whip up your own cake masterpiece to compete against other bakers. This really is one not to be missed!

With several baking events taking place over the next few months, you’ll have no reason to come back next season without a flurry of new menu additions, including a selection innovative, scrumptious desserts.

What are your favourite food festivals in the UK? Share them with us via Twitter!




5 fun edible wedding favours to treat your guests

16 May, 2017

Wedding favours have certainly come a long way since the classic sugared almond. From small tokens of appreciation to extravagant gifts, the modern wedding favour has become a far more inventive addition to a couple’s big day.

What we love, however, is the vast array of edible wedding favour ideas there are today, giving couples plenty of options for finding their perfect token. As we head into wedding season, we thought we’d offer some inspiration for bakers looking to add a little extra personality to a couple’s big day. So, say goodbye to those sugared almonds because we’ve picked out five fun wedding favours your guests aren’t likely to forget!

Mini eclairs


Mini eclairs

Adding a pop of colour to any wedding table setting, these mini eclairs are sure to go down a treat! We love these pink choux pastry delights, topped off with an array of forest fruits, sweets and pistachios. However, these sweet treats don’t have to don a pink hue, you can easily pair them to your own wedding colour palette too. Use blueberries and blackberries for blue and purple tones, or opt for the more vibrant shades of passion fruit and mango – whichever you go for, these eclairs are one wedding favour sure to impress!

Bride and groom cookies

Wedding favours, bride and groom cookies

Simple, yet incredibly effective, bride and groom cookies are a fun wedding favour option. Use a heart shaped cookie cutter to form the bodies, then decorate using a flood-and-fill technique to ensure an even covering of icing. Once the base has dried, add the tie and dress detailing using icing of a thicker consistency.

Design options are endless for cookie favours, so why not add a few personal details? From the bride and groom’s initials to mirroring the bridesmaids’ dresses, these cookies are the perfect opportunity to let your imagination run wild!

Tie the knot pretzels


Tie the knot pretzels

Not a fan of sweet treats? No problem. This tie the knot pretzel is a great wedding favour option for those who prefer savoury over sweet. Roll your pretzel dough into a long rope-like piece, then twist it into the classic knot.

To create the perfect knot, lay the rope in a U-shape with the curve pointing in your direction. Take the ends and cross them over, then take the ends again and pull them backwards, pressing them into the curve of the U-shape. Complete the tie the knot effect by serving your pretzels with a few tongue-and-cheek labels and messages!

His and hers cupcakes

Bride and groom cupcakes

A great option for larger weddings, wedding favour cupcakes are incredibly popular. With a vast range of colours, designs and flavours on offer, cupcakes are an effortless way to add a personal touch to the big day.

We love this bride and groom cupcake design, using a mix of fondant and modelling paste to create intricate decorations, resulting in a beautiful overall effect. Flavour the cupcakes with the couples’ favourite ingredients to create a delicious wedding favour unique to them.

Apple-y married toffee apples


Apple-y married toffee apples

If you’re baking for an autumn wedding, these “apple-y married” toffee apples are the perfect addition. First, remove the apple stems and replace with lolly sticks. Then, coat the small green or red apples with a rich and indulgent caramel before adding an array of extra toppings. From sweet white chocolate and cinnamon sugar to colourful sprinkles and chocolate flakes, these toffee apple wedding favours are ideal for adding a seasonal twist. Add your apple-y married labels and serve on lace doilies to complete the look!

What’s the best edible wedding favour idea you’ve spotted? Let us know via Twitter!

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